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Kind words

«I desperately needed help and, as it happens, I met Nathalie by chance and decided to book a session – even though I live in North London. I was diagnosed with a number of different ‘dis-eases’, as Nathalie says, a few years ago and was on steroids for a number of years. Since booking monthly sessions with Nathalie I have noticed a positive difference to my energy levels and general well being and it has only been 3 months! I usually book a combination of Reiki and Reflexology and it is amazing the difference these positive sessions make. For one hour a month I take time out of my business and truly invest in me!

Nathalie is a fantastic practitioner who makes you feel comfortable and secure. In addition, Nathalie goes out of her way to offer additional advice that she thinks may help you. It’s not often that you meet people who genuinely care about your well being. I would highly recommend Nathalie and Nurse Your TREE. 

Thank you Nathalie! I wish you every success and cannot wait for my next session:-).»

Cindy Sullivan, Owner LaRitma Consulting

“My sessions of reflexology were very useful, enjoyable and made a lot of difference to my health and posture.

Nathalie the therapist was very pleasant.

I did not used to believe in this kind of therapy, now I am recommending it to everyone.”

Sinidu T. – Streatham, London

“For a while I was very tired, under a lot of stress, pain in my stomach and could not sleep at night. After a few sessions of reflexology combined with Indian head massage I feel much more relax, more energetic, sleep better at night, coping well with everything. Nathalie is a wonderful therapist, every time I come in she would asked about how I have been and give me very useful advice. She make me feel at home feel very relax, very tired and sleepy sometimes but after a few days feel very refresh. Thank you Nathalie for all you had done for me and I would definitively recommend reflexology to my family and friends when they feel tired or just need a bit of me time.” 

Bich V. – Streatham, London

"I am currently six months pregnant and am experiencing shooting pains in the neck and shoulder following a car accident some months ago. Due to my pregnancy my GP recommended reflexology instead of physiotherapy. The sessions are absolutely great! It is the only place where I can truly relax and forget my pain. Normally, I am on the go all of the time and the pain is constantly on my mind, however during the sessions I actually fall asleep; I even shed a few tears after feeling so good. My neck and shoulder pain has since eased and I continue to follow the regular exercise regime outlined by Nathalie. 

Nathalie’s kind, calm and relaxing manner immediately put me at ease. I come away from the sessions feeling rebalanced, relaxed and focused and always look forward to the next session. 

I found my reflexology sessions invaluable for easing my neck and shoulder tension, aiding sleep and general relaxation. Please try it, I highly recommend reflexology, and Nathalie in particular, to anybody looking for stress relief, relaxation, or healing. I aim to keep up regular visits".

Aneta W-J - Streatham, London

"I find sessions of reflexology profoundly relaxing. In a frantic world, your sessions are an island of peace of tranquility. I really like the atmosphere you have created and how supportive you are, whilst at the same time giving me space.

I would recommend reflexology to friends as a way to deeply relax and nourish yourself".

Catherine H. - Streatham, London