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You already know that choosing a healthy diet and exercising is essential to your wellbeing. What about your mind? Yes, YOUR MIND? Nobody has taught you that you can also exercise it. 

Why would you? Well... if most of the time you feel:

  • pulled through life 
  • not in control
  • tired to think too much
  • living on a roller coast
  • stressed
  • ruminating about the past
  • worrying about the future
  • missing the moment

Meditation and Mindfulness can help you. Through simple techniques, you learn to develop your awareness: observing your thoughts, emotions, sensations and environments in an non judgmental way.

You will:

  • improve focus, concentration and clarity of thinking
  • enjoy the present moment
  • relate to events in a more skillful way
  • build resilience
  • improve physical health
  • feel calmer and more content

Join a 4 week course which is held once a week for 90 minutes / Little group of 4 people maximum

Want to book? Contact Nathalie for the next dates.


What clients say...

«I’ve just finished Nathalie’s mindfulness course and I’m so sad it’s over. I’ve learned to calm down, and ways to live more in the moment. I can now stop dwelling on the past, worrying about the future and just enjoy today’s experiences. Plus I had a chance to spend quality time with four wonderful, inpirational and caring women. I highly recommend Nathalie for both physical and mental wellbeing." - Vicki Marinker - Recruitment Consultant specialising in Interim Internal Comms, HuffPost Lifestyle Blogger & Arbonne Consultant 

«I attended Nathalie’s mindfulness and meditation course not long ago and I must say that she is absolutely amazing. I have tried meditating in the past but I have never managed to establish a meditation routine but with Nathalie’s help and expertise, I now do. Her positive energy is infectious and makes you feel calm and healthier. One thing that I liked in particular was that she broke down everything into small steps which made it seem very easy. I would recommend Nathalie’s course to people who feel exhausted, need to slow down and who would like to start meditating.» - Aneta Stachowska - Life coach, NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner

«I have attended and completed Meditation and Mindfulness course with Nathalie and I could not recommend her enough. Nathalie took us through the theory, practice and was very clear on building positive habits and on-going meditation practice. Nathalie was a great facilitator, working intuitively and following up after the course finished. I would be more than happy to be part of any future workshops/ courses Nathalie may hold.» - Martina Vanickova - Founder/ CEO at CCAT- Child Care Accredited Training


This course is for everyone. Developing greater awareness can open the door of changes of how you approach life experiences - taking more pleasure in the good things and dealing more effectively with the difficulties.

Still not sure if it is the right course for you? Drop a line to Nathalie, or call her on 07 984 453 357