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Nathalie creates a safe space where you can be YOU. Imagine to be truly listened with no judgment or expectation. 

She helps you to push the «pause» button and step back from your life. You will have time to reconnect with yourself, with your desires, dreams, maybe your fears. You will find out what matters to you by stepping into your own power and make the right choices for yourself.

You are unique and therefore you have your own answers and your own way. You will get empowered through the coaching journey.

Nathalie will support you to reach your goals by putting into place achievable steps.

She works with health issues, stress, low self-esteem, finding clarity, discovering what you really want, reconnecting with your dreams, moving from beliefs that are holding your back, experiencing a work/life balance.

You can be sure that she will challenge you... in a gentle way!

Who are her clients?

People who are ready for change. They have a strong desire to move from where they are, to plunge into themselves and to find their own answers.

Nathalie obtained her Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Center for Coaching, accredited by International Coaching Federation.


What clients say

«Nathalie’s sessions gave me the space I needed to reflect on what I wanted next. She is a very positive and friendly coach who is able to challenge you when needed. The step I wanted to take seemed so big but as the sessions progressed, the solution became much clearer and I was able to take that vital step forward. Thank you Nathalie!» - Sarah B. - IT Lecturer, Educational Coach & Yoga Teacher

«The sessions have allowed me to focus on the positive aspects of my life, and to accept the personal power I hold to change my direction for the better. Nathalie’s patience, generosity and firm but gentle challenges have helped me tremendously.» - Stewart M. - Actor

«My life had been very difficult in the past six years and I had been using all of my energy purely to help me function on a daily basis. I knew I needed to make changes but I didn’t know where to start. Every time I had attempted any change it resulted in the same repetitive I understand why. Nathalie is professional, she has an extremely warm manner and made me feel completely at ease which made me comfortable to talk openly and honestly and this is essential. Working with Nathalie is helping me to overcome my biggest barrier...myself! She has challenged me in the most gentle way which has been most encouraging, more importantly extremely effective. Nathalie has the ability to allow you to look deep inside yourself, it’s a realisation of who you are. ?I have freed myself, I am no longer confined within my own personal cage.» - Tracy C. - Beauty Therapist, Hairdresser, Singer

«I had amazing rapport with Nathalie from our first coaching session. I felt that I can absolutely trust her and I went on my personality exploration journey. During our coaching sessions I discovered my limiting believes and we did a lot of visualisation exercises about my further goals and what I would like to achieve in my personal and carrier life.?I was over the moon when between our 5 & 6 coaching sessions I achieved my prioritised short term goal. I would recommend Nathalie for her amazing rapport building skills with client and her outstanding coaching skills.» - Anna G. - Wellness & Transitional Coach 


Ready for change? Ready to move forward?

Nathalie invites you to a free consultation session:

  • to find out about you, your situation and what you would like to get from coaching;
  • to see how you would work together;
  • to ask any questions;
  • to discuss the next steps if you are both suited.

Call Nathalie at 07984 453 357 or send her a message at